Kids cook their way to Masterchef @ Fun Bee Park

February 26th, 2013 : No Comments

Cooking competition Fun Bee Park - activity

On 4th December 2012, Fun Bee Park hosted a Young Masterchef inspired cooking competition for children. The competition saw four teams of three youngster compete in 90 minutes to produce two dishes and a Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice balls (known as tang-yuen).

Team Iron Chef won the first prize of $100 with their French and Spanish Fusion of Omelette and Chicken Kolo Mee. Other dishes presented by the teams included potato salad, macaroni and burgers. Team Wong Amazing came in second place, while Team Star Kitchen took third place.

Fun Bee Park has organized food cooking camp, events and along with this competition to uncover the childrens’ potential and to support young chefs in the making.

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