Jackie’s Shopping Adventure

July 28th, 2011 : 13 Comments

Game Introduction

Jackie’s is going to buy some fruits at Tim Tim’s Store. Please help her to find the fruits! There are 8 fruits that Jackie needs. Find them on the shelf and click on the correct fruits.

  • Syakira207bn

    2day they’ve come 2 my skool 2 introduce this.4 me it’s quite,okay,but im an 11 year old so maybe it’s good 4 kids 4 them to learn electronically.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Syakira, I’m glad that you like our website. If you have siblings or friends who is younger age, please introduce this to them too.

      Very soon we will have more games that suitable for you as well. See you soon!

  • Atiyah Farihah

    2day they went to my school 2 make a soft launching. i am an 11 year old.will there be new games? can u tell me all of the characters name? i  love it,maybe tomorrow im going to tell my siblings about it.

  • Ameera Batrisya

    I like this game but it must be fast and I win!

    • Anonymous

      Play 2-3 times and you will able to recognize them. Glad that you enjoy it!

  • Nadzrinarbarte

     i really like it school from sekolah rendah kg mata mata’s honour

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nadzrinarbarte, Thank you for your support !

  • vivi amal aqilah binti asut

    i love this game realy love this game can speak malay. im malay

    • Anonymous

      Hi Vivi, I’m glad you like this game. It is for children to learn fruits name.

    • abby najihah

      hi vivi,i like this game  too.even my little brother can play this game too.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Abby, glad to hear you and your brother love the game!

        • abby najihah

          thanks megabond, sorry i late reply your comment