Fun Project Idea: Plants and music

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Fun Project Idea - e-learning for kids

Can music affect plant growth?

Let’s find out whether music have any effect on plant growth. If they listen to music, will the plants grow faster and bigger? Try this fun experiment at home!

You will require seven to ten days for the completion of this experiment.
Use the same species of plants for the project. Also, maintain equal interaction with all the plants.
Remember to get your parents’ permission before using their plants!

What you’ll need:

  • 4-5 potted plants
  • Music CDs of different genres
  • An observation chart


  • Place the pots in different rooms of your house.
  • Decide a genre for each plant and play that music to it every day for 2 hours at regular intervals.
  • Make observations for each day.
  • You can make a comparative chart and display it for your project.


For the observation, if you can, make them for a twelve-hour cycle. Example: One observation for 8 am, and another for 8 pm that day. At the end of the day compare your observations of each plant with each other and draw conclusions.

Word of Caution: Try not to use heavy metal music, or pop music around plants. Many previous experiments by other people and scientists have recorded the death of plants due to exposure to them.

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