Anim & Buni – Episode 3

July 25th, 2011 : 12 Comments

Anim & Buni Introduction

Anim & Buni is a 13 episodes cartoon for children. Each of the episode will tell a short story and teach the viewers about the moral values involved.

Let’s have fun and learn together with Anim & Buni!

  • Adnan Ali

    hi! siuk

    • Anonymous

      Hi Adnan

  • hana farhana

    ceritannya lawa dan  anim akan bersikap jujur

    • Anonymous

      Hi Hana, glad that you like the story of Anim and Buni. We will put more episodes soon.

  • princess syahirah

    siuk rasanya apabila melihat cerita anim dan buni

    • Anonymous

      Hi Princess Syahirah, feel free to visit us again. We will upload new episodes within few days.

  • Nazhifah

    aku rasa aku nak lihat lagi.

    • Anonymous

      Have you watched episode 4? We just uploaded few days ago.

  • Mr Sirion_402

    bagus cerita nya nii..mantap!!!

    • Anonymous

      Glad that you like Anim & Buni, please continue to follow us for the upcoming episodes.

  • Atiyah Farihah

    i love watching anim & buni,whenever i see they crashed into each other,it reminds me that girls are stronger than boys

    • Anonymous

      Girls are strong in many area. Be confident :)