Anim & Buni – Episode 2

July 25th, 2011 : 5 Comments

Anim & Buni Introduction

Anim & Buni is a 13 episodes cartoon for children. Each of the episode will tell a short story and teach the viewers about the moral values involved.

Let’s have fun and learn together with Anim & Buni!

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  • Atiyah Farihah

    Anim and buni r sometimes naughty but sometimes good. i am 11 yrs old.i love watching anim & buni.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Atiyah, thank you for watching. Anim and Buni are learning to be good children with the story. I hope you learn something as well :)

  • Alice Sainoji

    I think Anim & Buni sometimes fight but my brother is worse

    • Anonymous

      Hi Alice, you should let your parents know, just like Buni always tell the parents about Anim.

  • Alice Sainoji

    At first I taught Buni Was Anim