Anim & Buni – Episode 1

July 25th, 2011 : 8 Comments

Anim & Buni Introduction

Anim & Buni is a 13 episodes cartoon for children. Each of the episode will tell a short story and teach the viewers about the moral values involved.

Let’s have fun and learn together with Anim & Buni!

  • Ameera Batrisya

    It is so funny Anim and Buni liked to hear stories from their parents just like me.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ameera, I like to listen stories from my parents too!

  • nur afiqah ariffin

    ingat tu jangan jangan mementingkan diri tau 

    • Ikhwan Kamaluddin

      batrisya kau suka siapa daripada ikhwan

  • Ikhwan Kamaluddin


  • Mr Sirion_402

    bana tah tu

  • Atiyah Farihah

    comelnya kucing itu<3 <3

    • Anonymous

      I like the cat too :)